Time(tabling) for a revolution - timeshighereducation.com, 08.04.2019
8 April, 2019 - 17:17

Timetabling should be at the heart of curriculum development and business strategising, argues Gill Sinclair.
By Gill Sinclair

Circumcision, patient trackers and torture: my job in medical ethics - theguardian.com, 08.04.2019
8 April, 2019 - 17:13

Modern healthcare is full of ethical problems. I advise on how to navigate these issues.
By Julian Sheather

Sociologists must publish twice as much as before to get first job - timeshighereducation.com, 08.04.2019
8 April, 2019 - 17:10

Oversupply of young scholars means employers’ productivity demands are much higher than a generation ago, study finds.
By Nick Mayo

No obligation to host ‘intellectual rubbish’: French - timeshighereducation.com, 06.04.2019
6 April, 2019 - 22:09

Government balks at legislative amendments to clarify free speech and academic freedom.
By John Ross  Twitter: @JohnRoss49

Diversity an US-Universitäten: Wenn Antirassismus zu Rassismus wird - NZZ.ch, 04.04.2019
4 April, 2019 - 12:33

Wer an einer amerikanischen Uni einen Job bekommen will, muss Minderheiten in Lehre und Forschung besonders berücksichtigen. Das ist die neue Schlüsselqualifikation. Diversity heisst das Zauberwort.
Von Sarah Pines

What do you get if you don't teach stats properly? Farage and Trump - theguardian.com, 03.04.2019
3 April, 2019 - 11:54

The modern world runs on numbers. We need to give university students a framework for understanding them.
By Robert de Vries

When (and why) students bully academics - timeshighereducation.com, 02.04.2019
2 April, 2019 - 12:10

Universities have a duty to act swiftly and decisively to protect their staff when student bullying occurs, says Dirk Lindebaum.
By Dirk Lindebaum

Mehr Geld und weniger Fleckerlteppich - science.orf.at, 29.03.2019
1 April, 2019 - 09:44

Der Genetiker Josef Penninger zählt zu den bekanntesten Forschern des Landes. Seit dem Vorjahr arbeitet er in Kanada, zum Teil aber immer noch in Österreich. Im Vergleich der beiden Länder rät er Österreich zu mehr Unternehmergeist und...

European copyright directive ‘opens door to mass digitalisation’ - timeshighereducation.com, 29.03.2019
29 März, 2019 - 07:42

Librarians welcome new European rules on copyright, which also secures right for researchers to mine text and data.
By David Matthews  Twitter: @DavidMJourno

Paywalls block scientific progress. Research should be open to everyone - theguardian.com, 28.03.2019
29 März, 2019 - 07:41

To democratise scholarly publishing, individual academics need to take action.
By Jason Schmitt